Our Healthcare Team

Our owner has greater than 30 years of healthcare experience. She has small business, medical practice, clinical coordinator, public health education and pharmaceutical experience. Her passion is revolves around the patient and public health. She believes that patients should have access to the best care available. Her dedication and passion to the health of our community drives her to create this network of health care providers to connect the community to the latest treatment options and research.

Doctor's Going Over Patients Records

Below lists the names and specialties of our investigators in Physicians Research Center, L.L.C Network:


Neil C. Nagaria, MD


Barinder Athwal, MD


Yeshavanth Nayak, MD

Internal Medicine

Gregory Cartnick, MD

Gregory J. Cuozzo, MD


Sal La Forgia, MD


Rajat Dhar, MD

Phil Molloy, MD

Health Outcomes

Mark Ganter, MD


Dr. Sam Khorrami, PhD

Chief Cannabis Advisor

Dr. Jahan Marcu, PhD

Epidemiology Research Team


Meghan Bauer

Moravian College

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Minor: Chemistry

Erin Heaning

Princeton University

Major: Psychology

Minors: Neuroscience and Gender and Sexuality Studies

Anthony Silvestrone

Fairfield University

Major: Public Health

John Simon

Drexel University

Major: Public Health

Clinical Coordinators

We have clinical coordinators that are part of the PRC network. Our main coordinator is Debra Mack. With 10 years of experience, her focus is on the patient. Her attention to detail and caring personality are some of her attributes that make her a great clinical coordinator.

A multi-ethnic group of hospital staff researching a new procedure.

Join our Team

If you are a physician and interested in joining our network, Contact us directly at: prc.financial@verizon.net
If you are a medical technician, research nurse or coordinator, send your CV/resume to prc.trials@verizon.net

In memory of Dr. Henry Simon

Dr. Henry Simon spent 25 years working with a devoted staff of researchers conducting clinical research studies—his first study was with Connaught Laboratories in 1992 studying the efficacy of a Lyme disease vaccine. His staff, fellow physicians, and a trained clinical coordinators have joined to create a network of physicians and clinical research staff to advance medical research in the local community.