Consulting Services and Sponsors

Physicians Research Center, LLC provides consulting services in addition to being a clinical research center.

Our network of healthcare providers, clinical research and epidemiology experts are available to provide support in the development or implementation of Benefit Risk assessments, post marketing risk management strategy, regulatory interactions on safety issues, advisory boards and due diligence assessments for business development opportunities on pharmaceutical products and devices.

One of the biggest challenges sponsors/companies face today is recruiting quality patients. The growing trend in research is private practice. A physician is still the best representative for a patient.

Sponsors realize that physicians and patients are critical to the success of their research. Most physicians do not have the time or resources to support clinical trials.

By outsourcing study management and recruitment to Physicians Research Center, LLC, everyone wins. The sponsors get the patients they need while patients get access to the latest in medical care.

Physicians Research Center ensures trained clinical trial staff in each physician’s office to see their study patients.

Patients benefit because they get access to the latest medications in development and they do not need to travel to a new or different location.

Contact us directly at: prctrials@gmail.comĀ 

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Physicians Research Center, LLC has

  • Experience in Phase 2 to Phase 4 studies
  • Experience in Disease and Drug Registries
  • Experience in Chart review and Health Outcomes studies
  • Standard Operating Procedures for clinical trials management
  • QA audit tools and procedures for FDA compliance
  • Quick Source documentation development
  • Trained in GCP and FDA regulations
  • Safety Pak trained
  • Human Participant Protections Education
  • Human Subject Assurance Training

Physicians Research Center, LLC provides

  • Ongoing review of clinical trials regulations
  • Prompt turn-around of regulatory documents, contracts, and budgets
  • One person contact for all study-related issues
  • Subject recruitment plan and execution
  • Well trained coordinators
  • Large network of physicians and patients
  • Ability to use central IRB
  • All office locations are in Central NJ
  • Demographically, ethnically diverse patient population
  • High enrollment of past studies

Presently consulting for biotech and pharma

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